Delivering fresh products to your doorstep by 7 AM.

Local name brands that you can trust.

The Milkman's Back!!

The Milkman’s Back!

Just like the good old days..

Local Farmers Delivery is bringing back the tradition of a home milk delivery service, and modernizing it for the 21st century. It’s everything you love; quality products, locally sourced, brought directly to your doorstep with no delivery charge. The difference is, instead of a horse drawn wagon, or a 1950’s style delivery truck, we use a fuel efficient refrigerated van. This helps to reduce our customers' carbon footprint, and promote sustainable living.

We combine online delivery management and an automated billing system to make the ordering process safe, convienent, and easy to use. The products that we offer are all local brands that you have grown to trust. Alpenrose Dairy, Franz Bakery, and Portland Roasting Coffee provide us with their freshest products, and we deliver it directly to your doorstep, before 7am. You wake up to fresh milk, bread, juice, eggs and coffee without the hassle or expense of constant trips to the supermarket.

Our service is about more than just delivering milk, it's about the local community. By signing up, you are creating jobs, supporting local companies, and helping to protect the environment. We save you time and money in a way that you can feel great about. The Milkman is back, and this time he's here for good.

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